> Tokyo - 11/06

o boy
Welcome to Japan
it wishes
on the train from Narita
the tatami room
surrounded by bags
in the rain
everyone meets at the dog
waiting to greet you
a meeting
the noh stage 1
the auspicious noh warrior
a kyogen
when in Rome
Dojo-ji 1
Dojo-ji 2
the noh stage from the front
the curtain
The noh stage from stage right
the ladies (Obi view)
the ladies collecting their umbrellas
on the train, nighttime
on the train home, late
Sheila's wrap
Max demonstrates
the moat
useful kinetic sculpture
ramen again
vending machine detail
child noh actor
noh play "Tamakazura"
a noh mask on display in the lobby
an accepted response to noh
a noh demon
the noh stage at the Hosho School
the custom
the custom continues
the Catalanian and his pork
Shonosuke and Yuriko
whats left of dinner
a private chu no mai 1
Shonosuke & Rick
a private chu no mai 2
the address
a kyogen lesson 1