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June 03, 2006


craig Kandel

Dear Oaklandia,

My name is Craig Kandel. I'm with the Host Collective.
An outsider artist group that started in Knoxville,
TN. I'm in the process of building an online resource
for independent artists and audiences alike. I'll be
traveling around the country this summer visiting
artists/galleries/venues/festivals/etc. that you
wouldn't find on your typical grid. My purpose is to
interview and document for the website that I am
creating americanoutsiderart. com.

I'd like to meet you and any one that you could point
in my direction that might be interested. I'll also be
working on some personal projects on the road that you
might like to take part in. I know it's short notice
but if you take time out of your schedule it will be
good for a free meal at the least. I'll be in the Bay Area
on July 21st. I don't know anyone
there so any help you could give would be much
appreciated, let me know what you can do. I'll list
some links below of press I've gotten in the past.
Craig Kandel
[email protected]
www. myspace. com/hostclothing
www. americanoutiderart. com
http://www. knoxvoice.
http://ninebullets. net/wp-images/CraigKandel-Host/

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