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April 17, 2005



I think Leno's shooting himself in the foot by proposing to include non-profits in the tax scheme.

I could see doing so with an income minimum ... e.g. a non-profit organization gets an exemption for up to, say, $100,000 in admissions. Tax the Opera, tax the MoMA, but leave out the smaller organizations for which compliance would be a pain in the ass ... not that it wouldn't be for the MoMA, but they have a Finance Department, and a store.

But it's a mite ridiculous for say, 21 Grand, to be taxed on 1% of our income, when aren't we the "population" that is supposed to be served by this tax?

I'd vote no on this as it stands.


My first reading came up just like yours, which made my eyes go all googly, so I read the bill: It looks like any entertainment for the benefit of a nonprofit is exempted... which means the hard work of shaking 21 Grand audiences down for a penny on the dollar (perhaps something I'd pay more than a penny to see) has been averted. It also means we can't tax the opera. Rats.


The key phrase is "for the benefit of a non-profit" ... that is if we were having a benefit for ourselves, rather than a performance where the artists benefit. I think what's getting excluded here are the hoity-hoity fashion shows for AIDS charities and such. Of course one could always lie.

The real question, speaking of pony rides, what about a pony ride at the Power Exchange? Does that qualify as entertainment?

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