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May 20, 2004



what Oaklandish reference? so vague! so vague!
If you're wondering about the true to life story of Oaklandish//Nonchalance, just ask anyone who's been burned by Jeff Hull (the trustfundafarian overseer of Oaklandish)


Ah. Well. Let's see.

Over at http://www.livejournal.com/users/seanthesean/69554.html I read that Jeff of Oaklandish evicted Geoff St. John and his girlfriend from their apartment next to the store, and it got me a-wondering.

It seems many years ago that the first Nonchalance screening stretched up onto the side of the Kaiser building down by the lake, to the delight of about a dozen of us.

The last time I checked in (prior to them sinking roots into a space and, I think, getting 21Grand to be their fiscal sponsor) it was to watch Black Panther flims on the facade of the Alameda County Courthouse... to the delight of about a dozen of us.

So I always wonder about Oaklandish from a point way outside the inner circle, while being a sucker for monumentally projected imagery in unlikely settings, like the films shown on the spray of fireboats on the Donau.

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